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DR. CHARLES KARUKU is the  president of the Institute of Leadership and Mentorship (ILM),that specializes in leadership development and capacity building. He is also a Presidential Statesman and an appointed Representative of iChange Nations, North American Division of the United Nations, New York, USA.

Dr. Charles is a businessman, goodwill ambassador, a mentor, speaker and leader. He serves in various advisory boards where he offers consultation  to different organizations. 

He has a Bachelors Degree in Education  and a Masters Degree in Leadership. He is a recipient of an honorary doctorate in humanities in recognition of his efforts in mentorship, leadership development and capacity building. As an experienced trainer and communicator, Dr. Charles speaks into the lives of many leaders in the areas of relationship, business and advice in decision making. Dr. Charles has a burning passion to develop leaders and build capacity in organizations. His simple philosophy is that leadership can be learnt and leaders can be made. He believes in developing the valuable asset of human resource.  As a speaker and trainer, Dr. Charles has travelled widely for seminars and conferences in leadership development and capacity building in over 21 nations in United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, Canada and Africa.

He is married to Lindsey and they have 5 children. They reside in Burnsville city in Minnesota, USA.

BRENDA CARROLL ​is Dean of the Institute of Leadership and Mentorship (ILM), and has actively contributed since 2007. She is a multimedia enthusiast with interests including (but not limited to) photoshop, social media, and video production. Brenda earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and desires to be a veterinarian. She is honored with two children and two beautiful grandsons. She also enjoys gardening, and is a tea enthusiast. Brenda currently resides in Lakeville, MN.

AARON TAYLOR is the Vice President of ILM & Director of the Academy of Honor. His passion is to inspire, influence, train and transform students and young adults. Aaron is a father, mentor and speaker.

BRANKO TAMBAH​ is a graduate of the Institute of Leadership & Mentorship (ILM) and is also a graduate of Dakota County Technical College. He currently serves as the President of the DCTC Alumni Advisory Board and also President of Statue of Hope Immigration And Services. He’s an entrepreneur and owner of Tambah & Sons Construction And Services LLC. His passion is service to humanity, people, and country. He has received the following awards;

  • “The Rise Award” by ILM
  • "Community Ambassador Award" & "The Golden Rule Ambassador Award" by IChange Nations
  • "Dave Schroeder Outstanding Student Award"; Given by Dakota County Technical College.
  • Dr. Mark Welter "World Citizen Award" given by the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Foundation MN, USA

DR. LINDSEY KARUKU  Lindsey is a recipient of the Golden Rule Award and also a goodwill ambassador of peace with the I Change Nations organization. She has traveled widely conducting leadership training all over the world. Lindsey is also a passionate mentor to the youth and supervises a weekly youth mentorship and training program. Her background is in creative cosmetology, having graduated from the Regency Beauty Institute. She is also an accomplished recreational painter and graphic designer. Lindsey is married to Charles Karuku, and has five young children, residing in Burnsville, MN.

RANDY & SHARON DOFFING met and fell in love during prayer gatherings Randy initiated in his home in Hastings, MN.  Randy and Sharon have been happily married for over 25 years. They both love the Lord and are followers of Christ of 38 years.

Randy is a recipient of the ICN/ILM Golden Rule award. And, Sharon is an ICN/ILM Distinguished Service Award recipient. Sharon and Randy have been lay ministers in varying capacities, including multi-racial congregations, leading Bible studies and speaking, and, are bold in their Faith.  It's evident in serving their loved one's and community.

Sharon has been a 2 term City Council member in New Brighton, MN.  She's recently ran for New Brighton Mayor. Sharon was awarded Distinguished Alumni, just a year after graduating Summa Cum Laude, from Colorado Technical University with a BSBA-MKT for her statemanship, business and humanitarian endeavors. She also attended North Central Bible College. Sharon is multi-faceted and has been a business owner/entreprenuer in health insurance. Sharon is a survivor of  decades of chronic pain. She regained a full recovery through prayer and been very successful in the Fitness Industry where she's currenty thriving semi-retired while simultaneously serving ILM's new role. Sharon is known for her prudent mind in finding innovative solutions. Sharon has been President of a large Camping organization owned by 16 congregations and restored it from financial demise and liens on the property. Sharon has successfully championed causes in defending people's property rights, initiated grassroots efforts for lifesaving devices in her community resulting in dozens of lives saved, and, served on numberous Boards of Directors.