Brenda Carroll is Dean of the Institute of Leadership and Mentorship (ILM), and has actively contributed since 2007. She is a multimedia enthusiast with interests including (but not limited to) photoshop, social media, and video production. Brenda earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and desires to be a veterinarian. She is honored with two children and two beautiful grandsons. She also enjoys gardening, and is a tea enthusiast. Brenda currently resides in Lakeville, MN.

Brittany Atchison is a bold innovator, dynamic speaker and a peak performance expert. She has launched more than 15 organizations, initiatives and businesses throughout her life, activating untapped potential in thousands around the globe. Her grassroots mobilization efforts have taken her to 9 countries, the United Nations, United States Senate and most recently, launching a microfinance initiative in Nigeria, improving the standard of living for more than 20,000 people. Brittany is an unstoppable force, captivating individuals and large audiences with her passion and implementation of systemic global change. Brittany is the recipient of numerous awards and notable fellowships for her efforts, including the Maduff Civil Rights Award, Black Fellow in Public Policy, and Cornell College’s prestigious Emerging Leader Award. She has pursued Masters education in Public Policy and International Affairs from the University of Michigan and graduated with honors from Cornell College in Politics, Ethnic Studies and Music.  Brittany currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr. Charles Karuku
is the  president of the Institute of Leadership and Mentorship (ILM),that specializes in leadership development and capacity building. He is also a Presidential Statesman and an appointed Representative of iChange Nations, North American Division of the United Nations, New York, USA. 
Dr. Charles is a businessman, goodwill ambassador, a mentor, speaker and leader. He serves in various advisory boards where he offers consultation  to different organizations. 
Dr. Charles has a Bachelors Degree in Education  and a Masters Degree in Leadership. He is a recipient of an honorary doctorate in humanities in recognition of his efforts in mentorship, leadership development and capacity building. As an experienced trainer and communicator, Dr. Charles speaks into the lives of many leaders in the areas of relationship, business and advice in decision making. Dr. Charles has a burning passion to develop leaders and build capacity in organizations. His simple philosophy is that leadership can be learnt and leaders can be made. He believes in developing the valuable asset of human resource.  As a speaker and trainer, Dr. Charles has travelled widely for seminars and conferences in leadership development and capacity building in over 21 nations in United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, Canada and Africa. 

 Dr. Charles is married to Lindsey and they have 5 children. They reside in Burnsville city in Minnesota, USA. 

Dr. Xiao hua Xu, President and CEO of South Metro‐Trade Inc. (SMT), is a consultating firm based in Eagan, Minnesota, USA. SMT provides consultation services to companies that do import and export businesses between the United States and China. SMT also provides medical and educational consultations and market analysis for clients from both countries.

Dr. Xu holds both a Medical Doctorate, M.D. and a Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. degrees. He earned a Ph.D. in Neurobiology in 2003 from the Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, a Master’s in Medicine in 1998 from Peking University Health Science Center (formerly Beijing Medical University). His M.D. degree was earned in Clinical Medicine in 1993 from Weifang Medical College, Shandong, China. From 2012 to 2014, Dr. Xu was academically appointed as Assistant Professor of Neurology, College of Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Xu has been studying neuroscience for more than 10 years and published numerous articles in prestigious journals throughout the world. Dr. Xu has extensive experiences in both education and research. By doing studies and researches in neuroscience, Dr. Xu knows how the brain is developed and most importantly, Dr. Xu knows how to train the developing brain.

Jadee Jones grew up in Apple Valley Minnesota. He is a graduate of Hopkins high school and received his Bachelor's degree from Minnesota State university Mankato. He has been working to positively influence youth through several different avenues. He has been a Cultural Family Advocate for Independent School District 196 for the last 4 years. He is also the director of the Academy of Honor which is a character development program designed to supplement the education of youth. Jadee is also the head Junior Varsity basketball coach and varsity assistant coach at Apple Valley High School. He is the director of basketball operations for the Top Flight Basketball Academy that provides skill development as well as competitive spring and summer youth teams. On top of that, he is a proud husband and father of 3.

Our Staff

Zipporah Bogonko is the Associate Pastor at International Outreach Church. She studied computer programming at Brown University, MN and Life Coaching at Ericksson College, Canada. Her passion is to train, mentor, motivate, coach and empower others. She's also actively involved in her community in different leadership roles.

Dr Lindsey Karuku is Vice-President of the Institute of Leadership and Mentorship (ILM). Lindsey is a recipient of the Golden Rule Award and also a goodwill ambassador of peace with the I Change Nations organization. She has traveled widely conducting leadership training all over the world. Lindsey is also a passionate mentor to the youth and supervises a weekly youth mentorship and training program. Her background is in creative cosmetology, having graduated from the Regency Beauty Institute. She is also an accomplished recreational painter and graphic designer. Lindsey is married to Charles Karuku, and has four young children, residing in Burnsville, MN.

Megan Elizabeth Van Zyl, MA, NTP. Megan is very passionate about nutrition, health and wellness. She loves to consult and empower others to enjoy optimum health in spirit, soul and body.