Discover that you are a walking warehouse of assets and resources. Your gifts, talents, passions, and skills are assets that can be turned into consistent, predictable and sustainable streams of income. This class will help you discover and awaken all the assets of resources you have on the inside. 

You will begin to live your life to the fullest as you unleash your full potential that is locked within you. Many businesses have been birthed out of this class. We have a very high demand of this. (Through increased revenue, expanding streams of income and discovering untapped potential, this class is in high demand.) Many business people will be able to see possibilities of increasing their revenue by expanding their streams of income as their companies discover new and untapped potential.

Learn how to create new revenue streams without losing your time. Unleash the maximum potential within you and translate it into new income. Discover simple ways to create sustainable, dependable and predicable streams of income and much, much more.

Class Topics

  • The Spirit Of An Entrepreneur
  • How To Create And Sustain Multiple Streams Of Income
  • How To Turn A Passion Into A Business. 
  • How To Re-brand Yourself
  • How To Leverage Your Worth

School of Entrepreneurship