What ILM Will Help You Achieve:

*Scheduled one-on-one mentorship sessions with Dr. Charles Karuku

*Personalized mentorship plan

*Phone, Skype, email, and text messaging support

*Between-session “homework”

*Impromptu calls as needed

Levels of Training:

ILM Basic Mentoring: A 3-month commitment where Dr. Chalres Karuku will help you with your discovery journey.

ILM Advanced Training: A 1-year commitment to mentor you. This includes a personalized mentoring plan, 1-year mentoring sessions, and unique opportunities to travel with Dr. Charles Karuku for missions outside the United States.

ILM Platinum Training: A 2-year program to mentor you to become a trainer by offering you tools and opportunities to mentor others. We will offer you an opportunity to receive global recognition as a leader and mentor.

Want to Know More?

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