Engaging Local, County and State Officials

ILM hosted the White, the Black and the Blue which is a forum of conversation on the subject of race, police and community relations. This event was done in honor of the Black History month as a way to engage and stimulate dialogue on the subject of police and race relations. The Mayor of Burnsville, the local State Senator, the Chief of Police of Burnsville, the Sheriff of Dakota County, the chief of police of Eagan and a contingency of their officers were in attendance.
In other functions we have hosted, ILM has been able to recognize, honor and give awards of distinction to some outstanding local and regional leaders who have exemplified the golden rule in their work. We have had the privilege of bestowing these awards to community leaders, political leaders, business leaders, police chiefs, officers and outstanding members of public. These award ceremonies have a goal to recognize and reward the values that we believe are key to creating a healthy community. The golden rule allows people to treat others the way they want to be treated. This promotes civility in our leaders and community as a whole.

Goals/Action Items

In the wake of recent and highly-publicized shootings of both residents of color and police officers, many city leaders and police officers are choosing a different approach to community policing. In Burnsville MN, ILM has been on the frontline of peace building initiative that bridges the gap between the community and the police. As we continue to work together with our city and local law enforcement, we are choosing to place greater emphasis on police-community partnerships and the co-production of safety, which necessitates a strong focus on equity, transparency, accountability, shared information, and changes in how police are trained, evaluated and promoted.


Dr. Charles Karuku has formed a very strong bond of friendship with the Mayor, the Police Chief and Captains. He was asked to give a letter of recommendation to help recruit new key leader of the police. He was also invited to sit on an interview panel for hiring a new Patrol Captain for Burnsville.

ILM has been happy to host the Black, the White and the Blue forum which brings together the police, the leaders, diverse people and the local community as a way of promoting peace and cohesiveness.

We will continue these community engagements in the coming years. 


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