Since 2002, ILM has been focusing on leadership development and capacity building. From early on in life, Dr. Charles Karuku, founder of ILM, realized that you cannot change behavior and influence the outside world until you change the internal thoughts and motivations which affect external circumstances. This is developing internal capacity; changing our way of thinking, breaking old paradigms, and nurturing intrinsic gifts of transformational leaders. This transformation can be done through leadership training both at a personal and institutional level. ILM understands that the rising and falling of institutions depends on the growth of this internal capacity of the leader. Leadership is not a mystery. It is a concept that can be learned and nurtured.

2003: ILM founded by Dr. Charles Karuku as a way of mentoring
people for ministry.
2003-2012: ILM continues to offer bible classes and recommend some candidates for ordination.
2013-2014: ILM evolves and reforms to include a more mainstream approach to mentorship with a new emphasis to touching all the 7 mountains.
2015-2018: ILM begins to host annual Award ceremonies as a way of honoring strategic leaders of the 7 mountains.
2017-2018: ILM hosted the White, the Black and the Blue community initiative.
2019-Beyond: ILM re-launches its strategic and leadership plan as we boldly lead the way to the future.

By the year 2030, ILM has a goal of mentoring 10,000 transformational local, national, and global leaders in the 7 spheres of influence: Family, Entertainment, Business, Religion, Education, Media & Government.

⦁ Creating the Future Human (Gen 1:26-28)
⦁ Mentor people to become secure, Humble, Confident & Competent reflection of the image of God.
⦁ Bringing forth a Self-actualized, more secure human who operates with maximum impact at their level best.
⦁ Restoring original purpose for why God created people: Restoring and Redeeming people into God’s original intention.
⦁ Distilling values into guardrails for driving through life 

⦁ Give our students the opportunity to learn how to be an effective leader. Our training program will boost their self-confidence and give them a competitive edge in their industry.
⦁ Help the leaders to be prepared and strategically positioned for promotion and assuming greater responsibilities in their workplace.
⦁ Help to hone more effective interpersonal skills. This ability enables people of different personality persuasions to not clash but instead add value to each other.
⦁ It is a path for continuous learning, self-improvement and personal development
⦁ Be a support system by creating a peer-to-peer mentorship to enable the leaders to positively impact those around them.  

⦁ Culture of Honor
⦁ Mentoring
⦁ Empowering
⦁ Restoring dignity
⦁ Giving a sense of purpose
⦁ Integrity
⦁ Character development
⦁ Release of destiny.  

⦁ Leadership development.
⦁ Teamwork
⦁ Conflict management
⦁ Generating multiple streams of income
⦁ Personal discovery
⦁ Strategic Planning
⦁ Time management
⦁ Goal setting
⦁ Golden Rule
⦁ Honor 

⦁ To keep up with the deeply transformed teaching and learning landscape in higher education, ILM recognizes the need to develop an online school. This strategy enables ILM to reach a new generation of transformational leaders that need flexibility while embarking on a self-paced study that keeps up with their professional demands.

⦁ Develop strategic collaborations with other leaders and institutions especially churches, educational institutions and governments. Through collaboration, we intend to see increased levels of trust as we foster honest and open communication, encourage creativity, share knowledge, insight, and resources.

⦁ Conduct short-term seminars and training conferences locally, nationally and in strategic parts of the world.  

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