Since 2002, the Institute of Leadership and Mentorship has been focusing on leadership development and capacity building. This vision has been something that our founder Dr. Charles Karuku had to live out on a very personal basis. Growing up in Kenya way back in the 1970s, the level of poverty and hopelessness drove so many young people into despair. However, Dr. Charles realized that you cannot change the outside circumstances until you change the internal circumstances. This is through developing the internal capacity, changing our way of thinking, and nurturing our gifts.

This transformation cannot only be done at a personal level but can also be done at a institutional and national level. This is by training leaders and building capacity of our institutions. ILM understands that the rising and falling of institutions and nations depends on leadership. It is a concept that can be learned and nurtured. It is our desire to come along and help nurture the potent ambitions of the youth, the young entrepreneurs and women who need a help to move to the next level.

With this training, we can have people of high capacity who develop their human resources and are able to see the natural resources endowed to them by our creator. This training has been an eye opener to many around the world. It makes it possible to see and seize opportunities around us, see success where others are failing, create multiple streams of income, function and thrive in chaotic environments as well as inspire a culture of success and functionality. This is how we create an atmosphere of hope and elevate poverty.

It is also our desire to come alongside the top and mid-level leaders of both private and public sectors and offer tools for ongoing training in leadership development and capacity building.

That is what we have been doing in over 18 nations around the world. We are very excited with what the future holds. 


Institute of Leadership and Mentorship is contained of five schools along with an opportunity to have one-on-one mentorship with Dr. Charles Karuku

  1. Leadership Development
  2. School of Entrepreneurship
  3. School of Health & Wellness
  4. School of Advanced Personal Development & Mentorship
  5. Academy of Honor
  • Personality tests and assessments
  • Online DISC tests and assessments
  • Strength Finders test and assessments
  • Tests that assess the overall health of your team
  • Tests about the specific disfunction of your team
  • The "Wheel of Life" assessment


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About ILM:

Various Tests We Offer

The Vision of ILM:

1) To be an institution that creates leadership training modules that stimulate, motivate and inspire development of leaders to help them excel in leadership skills and strategies.

2) To be an institution that provides practical tools and creative-innovative modules that increase the capacity, functionally and efficiency of organization in both public and private sectors.

3) To challenge, motivate, train, inspire and increase internal capacity of mid-level and top level leadership while guiding them to create strong efficiency in organizations and corporates.

4) To provide one-on-one ongoing executive coaching and advisory consultations through our team of coaches, trainers and consultants to help leaders navigate through different terrains of growth and development.

5) To have become and institute that models an ongoing research and resource development that enables us to meet the ever changing demands of our valued clients.