Topics Include:

*Leadership development 1 and 2
*How to turn followers into leaders
*Effective team building
*How to set and achieve goals all the time
*Touching the 7 mountains of culture — understanding the 7   mountains
*How to truly impact our world
*Changing, creating and sustaining a corporate culture
*Living a life of Balance/Overcoming Stress

Class Summaries:

Changing, Creating and Sustaining Corporate Culture

There are two ways to live life; by design or by default. The same is true for leading organizations.

Many people and organizations are stuck in a cycle of dysfunction, failure, and mere survival. At the heart and soul of such a trend is the culture of the organization. We must be intentional of what kind of culture we want to see in our organizations. Failing is a culture. Winning also is a culture. There are some small adjustments that any person or organization can make to create, change and sustain a desirable culture. You will learn how to create a culture of excellence, integrity and corporate value systems. Research has proven that organizations that have strong core values result in the success of an organization. You will be inspired to create a culture that helps your organization start thriving.

How to Set and Achieve Goals All the Time

We live in a world of broken systems, broken focus and broken dreams. Many goals have been set but fewer have been achieved. Many new year resolutions are yet to be realized. A lot of focus and discipline is needed for goals to be achieved. However, some vital daily habits need to be incorporated into our everyday life for us to achieve the goals we desire. You will learn how to start with the end in mind as you target your short-term and long-term goals.

Learn how to aim and target right, how to be realistic, how to under promise and over deliver. Learn how to manage the premium of time, benchmarking, accountability, developing effective daily habits, effective organization, and much more.

Effective Team Building

In many organizations, there is a chronic disconnect between the leadership team and the employees. It creates an undue barrier that undermines unity and leading to dismal performance. Such organizations are characterized by losses, high turnover rates, low morale, and low productivity. Statistics show that U.S. Companies lose $3 billion a year to effects of negative attitudes at work (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Over 60% of executives list lack of teamwork as one of their top leadership challenge (American Management Association).

This training will give you the tools to help you create a tight-knit organization. Excellent teamwork has a direct impact on profits and productivity. A General Electric plant was able to reduce costs by over 30%, shorten delivery from 3 weeks to 3 days while reducing complaints from customers by a factor of 10!

Training will include: How to improve communication, making workplace enjoyable, motivation, building effective collaboration, improving team productivity, utilizing the strength of team members, and much more.

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